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News Headlines
Dr. Ty Handy announced as new JCTC President
Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) President Jay K. Box announced today the appointment of Dr. Ty J. Handy as president of Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC).
More than 100 guests and exhibitors attended the third annual KCTCS/UK Supplier Diversity Fair held at the Prichard Community Center on October 1 in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.
The Kentucky Fire Commission will be escorting families of fallen firefighters from across the state to the 34th Annual National Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Activities will be held October 2-5 at the memorial located on the campus of the National Fire Academy.

National data from the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS) shows KCTCS is among the best in the nation in several categories.

Featured Video
0:00the we need people the right skills
0:03to do the job for the future and quite frankly we needed them yesterday
0:08Kentucky pain is a great partnership for Kentucky
0:13it brings together manufacturers
0:16the education community and students to be able to promote manufacturing
0:20and the jobs and careers that are there for manufacture
0:23what makes Kentucky final older partnership is
0:27its layup by the manufacturer if it does what we believe it'll burn
0:31ILU two things numb one else just plain
0:34are present manufacturing base were there are no longer having to compete
0:38with each other
0:39but also will help bring new industry and because they'll
0:43they'll look at Kentucky but I hate they've got it together
0:46they're investing their training they're doing things like that manufacturing
0:50date in the work force
0:51we are promoting ourself as aid
0:54major place for manufacturing and be able to do that you have to have a
0:58trained workforce
0:59Kentucky fame shows manufacturers that make me want to relocate here are
1:04manufacturers who want to expand here
1:06that we can provide that trained workforce for them
1:09and have them working from day one
1:12the benefit for students is that they can go to class
1:15two days a week and then go to work three days a week and they're getting
1:20to apply what they're learning Kentucky fame is given me the opportunity
1:24to go to school in education
1:28have a career coming out a ha school and starting anti program I never
1:33her last two years later out have a full-time job
1:37making good wages and have no career had to me that sober up
1:42this career path to get there Kentucky fame has enable me to have the
1:46confidence I need to be able to have a job after I get outta college right now
1:50I'm on the track and being debt-free
1:52coming out of college which not many college students get to say
1:56that's why they get thanks to you about the degree we have its multi-skilled
2:00its electrical PLC's robotics
2:03mechanics plumbing plug power the
2:07the biggest opportunity is said build a consistent framework a structure across
2:11the state of Kentucky
2:13any gifts more industry involved more
2:16educational locations involved the end result is
2:20we produced so many more skilled workers across the state as a small business
2:25the proviso solution for me to higher
2:28cost-efficient employees there are being trained the way
2:33and even to be trained and that's what you see on this campus is
2:36is to build that toolbox for skill sets is gonna meet the needs of a broad base
2:41group for manufactured manufacturing changed how we manufacture how we do
2:45it's not longer
2:46dark dangers dirty so attacks are technical skills but also takes a lot of
2:51saw skills ability communique
2:54teams it is a career you know it's not just a child
2:58mostly Gaza are then great maynes gotham our guys came through this broker
3:03its give me a great opportunity to start a career
3:06the graduates from the Kentucky pain program works out about their future
3:11they no that they're going to have a strong future where they're making
3:16great income being able to support their family and to advance contact
3:22in partnership there is power this is power
3:25what's so great about Kentucky fans
3:27its future are the partnership that involved
3:31with the leadership are Kentucky Association manufactured state
3:36arm manufacturer to prostrate an ACTC
3:40this wheels track