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Fuel The Force Dr. Michael B. McCall

Become a Kentuckian for Community and Technical Colleges and ask our state leaders to make smart investments in our students, our workers and the state's economic future.

Madisonville Community College Henderson Community College West Kentucky Community and Technical College Owensboro Community and Technical College SouthCentral Kentucky Community and Technical College Hopkinsville Community College Jefferson Community and Technical College Elizabethtown Community and Technical College Somerset Community College Gateway Community and Technical College Bluegrass Community and Technical College Maysville Community and Technical College Asland Community and Technical College Big Sandy Community and Technical College Hazard Community and Technical College Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College

News Headlines
A presidential profile development committee has been selected to assist in the search for the next president of Gateway Community and Technical College (GCTC). The committee was chosen by GCTC Board Chair Jeffrey Groob and Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) President Jay Box.
Sixteen business leaders from across the state are leading the charge for increased funding for postsecondary education, and specifically, for their local community colleges. They have been selected to lead their local colleges' Business Champions Council, and will serve on the statewide council as part of the KCTCS Fuel the Force campaign. The campaign is designed to bring awareness to the governor and legislators that local colleges need the state to reinvest in higher education.
The Kentucky Community and Technical College System's (KCTCS) 16 colleges and System Office will observe Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., day by sponsoring or participating in events across the state. Additionally, KCTCS plans to celebrate the sixth annual statewide Super Sunday initiative on Sunday, Feb. 28.
Super Sunday College Fair

KCTCS' 6th annual Super Sunday is coming on February 28th.Find out more information on the event, including participating churches in your area.

Featured Video
0:00 As a key component of Kentucky's postsecondary education system our
0:05 community and technical colleges are fueling kentucky's workforce and our
0:09 economic future as a result hundreds of business champions from across the
0:14 Commonwealth have joined the case ETCs you will the force advocacy campaign to
0:20 inform state policymakers that an investment in Casey tCS is an investment
0:25 in Kentucky jobs.
0:27 Here's what some of these business champions have to say about the
0:31 importance of our colleges to their businesses and communities in economic
0:35 development workforce home as the number one issue so he can attract and retain
0:39 and grow talent you can attract companies and their integral part of
0:44 what we do their big part of the economy and will be a big part 14 new KCC is
0:51 probably the most dynamic organizations that can adapt very quickly
0:59 industry trying hard to imagine nowhere else we have over 2,200 employees many
1:07 of our graduates as the Elizabethtown Community
1:10 not just in nursing but in their districts as well
1:15 automotive business we have a lot of technology now so what they have learned
1:20 that if the college in combination with the continuing courses that we offer the
1:24 dealership is quite advantageous why isn't she
1:30 ingredient to the success of how many is currently seen and its key to the
1:37 continued success of having worked for sharing
1:42 with the layoffs in the coal mines Henderson Community College partner with
1:46 Job Corps center and that we are retraining local residents who have
1:49 unfortunately lost their jobs in the coal mines but now can look forward to
1:53 welcoming jobs in the local area so we're super excited about that I think
1:58 if you look throughout the state
2:00 the the areas that are the furthest removed from a local college really
2:06 really are the two most depressed areas I think that's pretty self explanatory
2:10 the community here has built with employers like us that are tremendously
2:16 for manufacturing employees by having the comments here and educating and
2:23 teaching those potential employees the skills providing the skills that are
2:28 required and our businesses incredibly important unless the strict the
2:32 community colleges like him target directly on what your needs are as a
2:37 business and it doesn't have to be a one size fits all we have
2:42 the mountains are differently our businesses have all of us some similar
2:47 needs to have some very specific needs
2:50 selectively target for the DS the small businesses we have in our area as well
2:55 as a bigger this most importantly getting those students out having
3:00 gainfully employed to provide for their families homes and have great job too
3:05 great careers that's alternately
3:08 JCT he can do for your city or state I was able to do that full-time job and
3:14 also go to college here and work my way into the dream job as we look at a
3:22 community college its impact on our community we see firsthand the
3:25 production of the workforce that goes to take the types of jobs in our industries
3:28 are creating so it helps us to attract new businesses in new industries which
3:32 creates even more economic impact more payroll or sales tax property tax more
3:38 opportunities for our community to invest in itself into create great
3:41 quality of life for more information go to fuel the force KY dot com