Refund Options

Refund Policy

In order to receive a tuition refund on any course, you must officially withdraw within the refund period specified within this policy. Refunds for sessions different from those listed below are prorated according to the session in proportion to the traditional 16-week session. A session is defined as an enrollment period within an academic term. An academic term (fall, spring, or summer) may have a number of sessions running concurrently -- 16-, 8-, or 4-week.

Timeframe for Tuition Refunds*

 Session 100%  50%  No Refund 
16-week   Within 7th day  8th-29th days  After 29th day
8-week  Within 4th day  5th-15th days  After 15th day
 6-week  Within 3rd day  4th-11th days  After 11th day
 5-week  Within 2nd day  3rd-9th days  After 9th day
 4-week  Within 1st day  2nd-7th days  After 7th day

* Calendar days of the session, including all Saturdays and Sundays, but excluding KCTCS recognized holidays.

How and when do I receive the remainder of my financial aid after tuition and book charges (if any) are paid? 

The financial aid section on your PeopleSoft Self-Service account will show anticipated full-time aid up through the last day to enter a course (census date).  If you are enrolled in anything less than full-time, your anticipated aid will then be adjusted. Financial aid will be disbursed through KCTCS using an integrated software system for all community and technical colleges in Kentucky.  When your financial aid award is posted to your account, your tuition, fees & any applicable book charges will be deducted.  If your award exceeds your direct school cost, funds will be sent to you approximately the fifth week of classes via the standard KCTCS weekly refund process occurring each Wednesday evening. A refund file is sent to BankMobile each Thursday morning and the refund is processed to your personal refund preference.   It is very important that you check to make sure your address on file is correct in order to receive your personal code used for making your refund preference and if chosen as a preference the BankMobileVibe Debit Card timely.  The personal code is your ticket to make your refund preference through BankMobile.  Your address of record can be checked through PeopleSoft Self-Service.

 Note:  Tuition is charged when you register for courses.  Financial aid is disbursed and posted AFTER courses begin.  Please be aware, should you enroll in courses for a term (semester) that have multiple start dates you MAY NOT receive your residual money until after the last start date due to multiple financial aid disbursements.  Residual money refunds will not process until your account has a credit balance.

 Due to the compressed timeframe, summer aid will not be disbursed and residuals will not be processed until ALL courses have started and attendance has been verified. 

BankMobileVibe Debit Card holders can access their funds using any Allpoint surcharge-free ATM network anywhere in the country.  Visit the Allpoint network ATM locator at



Fall 2016 Financial Aid Disbursement Residuals Schedule
(all dates are tentative and subject to change)
(refund dates are the release of residual funds to the student's BankMobile Account if applicable all other refund methods may be different)

16-week & 1st 8 week terms refunds begin (term start 8/15)


2nd 8 week term refunds begin (term starts 10/17)


16 week & 1st 8 week term 30-day hold-First refunds begin

(for first time borrowers; refunds will continue weekly thereafter


2nd 8 week 30 day hold-First refunds begin (term starts 10/15)