Division of Crisis Management

The Division of Crisis Management is dedicated to developing a disaster-resistant community and technical college system.  The mission is to protect KCTCS by facilitating the coordination and integration of all activities necessary to build and improve KCTCS’s ability to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, continue operations during, and recover from natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or other human-caused crises or disasters. 

The Division of Crisis Management serves as the administrative function charged with creating the framework within which KCTCS can reduce vulnerability and sensitivity to hazards and cope with crises and disasters.

This mission of Crisis Management is pursued through a variety of initiatives and objectives:

  • Employing an integrated all-hazards risk based approach for mitigation, response, continuity of operations, recovery, and preparedness planning.
  • Developing Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs) that are integrated with the plans, policies, procedures, and capabilities of local jurisdictions to promote collaboration during response to crises and disasters.
  • Designing, developing, and conducting exercises to test the feasibility of the Emergency Operations Plans, and to provide for continuous improvements. 
  • Enhancing disaster preparedness capabilities through prepping, training, and exercising.
  • Supporting college understanding and utilization of the Incident Command System/National Incident Management System principles.
  • Developing a Continuity of Operations Program so that KCTCS may continue its mission essential functions and critical services no matter what type of crisis or disaster may affect our campus communities.

For additional information, questions, or comments please contact:

Curtis Liska
Crisis Management Coordinator