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Financial Information

At KCTCS, you'll not only receive an excellent education, but also one that is surprisingly affordable. This is because of our low tuition, financial aid options and flexible payment plans.

We've found that our students ask us about financial aid information quite a bit, so we've gathered the most asked topics in one place for easy access.

Still have questions? Its ok. Our Go KCTCS! Student Services Help Desk can walk you through the financial aid process. Call them at (855) 465-2827.


Tuition and Charges for KCTCS Colleges

Billing Statements & Payments

About your billing statement

The billing statement represents the current amount due from tuition and charges that have been assessed to your account. This may include prior term unpaid balances. Once your account has been assessed you may pay at any time prior to your local college due date for the term. To view or pay your student account to access KCTCS account summary and payment options.

Billing due dates and charges

Students currently enrolled will receive billing statements electronically. An electronic bill will be sent to your KCTCS student e-mail address each Thursday if you've had any financial transactions within the last seven days.

Your electronic e-bill will detail the current balance due, prior balances due and any payments that have been posted to your account. Each student is responsible for checking your KCTCS e-mail account for campus Information and your electronic bills.

Online payments can be made with American Express, Discover, Master Card or Visa credit cards. Online payment can also be paid via electronic check using your checking or savings account. To make payments on-line student must use their log on operator ID and password provided to them at the beginning of the registration period. Visit your student account to access the web payment option.

Payment Plans

Payment Plans

In addition to the payment options of cash, check, or credit card students may choose to participate in the KCTCS payment plan facilitated by FACTS Tuition Management Co. This is an option for students not planning to pay in full or have made arrangements to pay in full prior to the local college's required payment date. To enroll in a payment plan you can sign up electronically by logging into your student account.

Students have the option, depending on registration date, to enroll in one of three payment plan options:

Payment Option Down Payments Registration
Option 1 $25 0% 4 Payments Advance Registration
Option 2 $25 25% 3 Payments Through Adv
Option 3 $25 50% 2 Payments Regular Registration

Basic rule 50% down is required prior to the first day of class.

Financial Aid and Payment Plans

It is up to the student to work with the college when Financial Aid has paid a student's balance in full if they are also on a payment plan. The Payment Plan will not automatically adjust if some other form of payment reduces the account to a zero balance due. The Payment Plan will continue until the student contacts the local business office. In the event when Financial Aid has paid the balance in full the Payment Plan payment will be posted and any remaining credit balance will be refunded back to the student in the normal refund process for KCTCS.

Third Party Sponsors

A third party sponsor is an organization that arranges to pay for individual student tuition and fees, and is not owned by you or a family member. Once the student has been assessed and the local college receives the proper paper work the tuition and fees are moved to a third party sponsor account and then billed.

Payment Due Dates & Cancellation

Tuition is assessed according to your student classification and program, your residency status, and whether you come from a state or province with which KCTCS has a reciprocity agreement. In addition to tuition, you may be charged fees based on a variety of criteria.

Once you register for classes, you are officially enrolled, committed to attend and financially obligated. You must pay for any course for which you register unless you officially withdraw. If you cancel after the 100% refund period, you must pay for any portion of the course for which you do not receive a monetary credit.

Payment Due Date

Each individual KCTCS college will set and publish in their college calendars the payment due dates for each term. Please contact your local KCTCS college for their payment due dates.

Cancellation of Registration

Students who have not paid their tuition and charges or arranged for a payment plans on or before the college's required payment date are subject to have their registrations cancelled for non-payment. If the student is reinstated after cancellation, a $75 reinstatement charge will be assessed.


In order to receive a tuition refund, a student must officially withdraw within the refund period specified within this policy. Refunds for sessions different from those listed below are prorated according to the session in proportion to the traditional 16-week session. A session is defined as an enrollment period within an academic term. An academic term (fall, spring, or summer) may have a number of session(s) running concurrently - 16- 8- or 4- week. Calendar days of the session, include all Saturdays and Sundays, but exclude KCTCS recognized holidays. Consult with your local KCTCS college business office for specifics.

Session First Refund Period Second Refund Period Final Refund Period
16-week 100% within 7 days 50% 8th-29th 0% > 29
8-week 100% within 4 days 50% 5th-15th 0% > 15
6-week 100% within 3 days 50% 4th-11th 0%>11
4-week 100% within 1 day 50% 2nd-7th 0% > 7

Account Receivables

Business Procedures for Student Financials

  • 3.11 Accounts Receivable
  • 3.12 Cash Accounting
  • 3.17 Vendor & Student Checks
  • 7.1 Cancellation (VOID) of Student Refund Checks
  • 7.2 Waiver of Tuition and Fees
  • 7.3 Third Party Contracts Sponsored Students
  • 7.4 Collection of Account Receivable
  • 7.5 Mandatory Fees
  • 7.6Non-Mandatory Fees
  • 7.7 Refunds for Tuition and Fees and Charges for Services
  • 7.8 Live Work Projects
  • 7.9 Kentucky Nurse Aide Testing and Training (KNAT) and Medication Aide Testing Charges
  • 7.10 Assessment Centers
  • 7.11 Student Organization Finance
  • 7.12 Non-Recognized Organization Finance
  • 9.1Bookstore Policy

PeopleSoft Student Financials


PeopleSoft Student Financials queries to monitor Student Account Receivables

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  • K_219_TERM